Leave your bike with us at community events and we'll make sure it's secure while you attend! You can also leave your helmet, packsack, or other valuables.

Bike Valet Parking

Since 2011, we have been providing bike valet parking at community events, including the Northern Lights Folks Festival Boréal and the Up Here festival.

In partnership with the Rainbow Routes Association, we install a portable bike rack that is set up in a location that is easily accessible to event visitors and that is always supervised and attended. You'll receive a tag when you check in your bike that you'll turn in when you want to retrieve your bike. You can also leave accessories with us, including your helmet, packs, and bike trailers.

Contact us if you're interested in having us provide this service to your event, or if you wish to borrow the portable rack.

We're always looking for volunteers to help out!