Over the past two years, a number of community partners have developed a Draft Downtown Master Plan. As per the plan’s web site:

The Vision captures the opportunities for Downtown. The Draft Plan and Action Strategy provides an indication of what these opportunities look like “on the ground”. In doing so, it translates the ambitions and intentions of the Vision into a series of actions and concrete projects.

The Draft Plan and Action Strategy establishes a blueprint to transform the core into an active, safe and diverse destination for people, businesses, not-for-profits, agencies and new investments in all forms. It creates a downtown that is mixed in character and function, is well integrated with surrounding communities and supports an authentic and unique identity.

The Draft Plan and Action Strategy is built around three complementary directives:
1. Activity and Growth
2. Access and Connectivity
3. Beauty and Pride

Bundled under each directive is a series of large, medium and small scale initiatives. These initiatives may be undertaken alone or in concert with each-other to deliver a higher degree of transformative change.

On Tuesday, January 31, 2012, a few members of the SCU attended a meeting where the plan was presented and the public was invited to comment on the plan. The public can also provide written responses to the drafting committee by February 21, 2012.

The SCU has developed a draft response that we would like to submit. We encourage your input and suggestions and ask all members to submit comments by February 12th so we can compile the final response. You can submit comments below or send an email to admin@sudburycyclistsunion.ca. The SCU will also schedule a special meeting to discuss the plan. The date will be communicated shortly. Members who attended the meeting on January 31 will be available to answer questions and provide additional information.

See the complete plan at:
Downtown Master Plan

See our draft response at:
SCU Downtown Master Plan Response


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