On January 11, 2012, the SCU presented their feedback to the Transportation Study review’s first Public Input Centre. The SCU also presented feedback on June 9, 2013 to the second Public Input Centre, which had been originally scheduled for September 2012.

The Transportation Study component of the Official Plan is slated to be released in late 2014 (along with the water infrastructure component), while the rest of the Official Plan review results will be released in the first quarter of 2014.

There have been significant delays in the process which have resulted in lost budget opportunities for at least two years. There has been no communication from the City in terms of progress, further community consultations, nor have the outcomes of the study been clearly identified.

While there are some good things about the Transportation Study, including the mention of a Complete Streets policy, there are many questions that still need to be answered. The study indicates that a feasibility study will be required to finalize the Active Transportation Network (ATN), which was based on the excellent work done by the Bicycle Advisory Panel and the Sustainable Mobility Advisory Panel.

The SCU believes that Sudbury needs to implement:

  • a Complete Streets policy,
  • a strategy document that details a vision, strategic directions, guiding principles, and aspirational goals,
  • concrete targets, implementation plans for the completion of the ATN, and yearly budget allocations that move the ATN closer to completion.

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