#minimumgrid: a grid of protected bike lanes or cycle tracks on our most high speed and high volume roads to allow people to bike safely to where they need to go, connecting to additional cycling infrastructure that connects all of our neighbourhoods


Many of the people we talk to say a lack of cycling infrastructure is holding them back from either riding more often or riding at all. We are working to encourage the City of Greater Sudbury to implement a grid of protected on-road bike lanes or raised bike lanes (cycle tracks) to encourage people in Greater Sudbury to bike.

Numerous surveys have indicated that ridership rises when biking is easy, safe, direct and comfortable.The 2014 Share the Road Coalition's STR Annual Survey found that 54% of Ontarians indicated that they would prefer to cycle more often. A Minimum Grid of safe cycling infrastructure on our most dangerous roads would help people who want to bike in Greater Sudbury to bike more often.  It would creating a transportation system that is easier, safer, more sustainable, and more fun.

In 2015, City Council approved $800,000 per year for the implementation of new cycling infrastructure, and in 2016, the City hired an Active Transportation Coordinator on a 5-year contract, which was then made permanent in 2019. Council has also approved a Complete Streets Policy, a Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Plan, $50,000 per year for TDM programs, and Complete Streets Guidelines due to be developed in 2019.

The City is currently working with the approved Transportation Master Plan to plan and construct cycling infrastructure. Several federal and provincial grants were received in 2017 and 2018. Dedicated separated cycling infrastructure has been installed recently on sections of Second Avenue, Lorne Street, and Paris Street. Additional cycling infrastructure is currently being installed on Kelly Lake Road and edge lines are being implemented in some residential areas.

The City's priorities in the coming years will be to complete the Paris/Notre Dame Bikeway, and to evaluate cycling infrastructure for Lasalle Boulevard.

We will continue to encourage the City of Greater Sudbury to prioritize retrofitting our most dangerous roads, and connecting some of our existing pieces of disconnected infrastructure. And to do this in a timely manner. We need safe, connected, convenient, and accessible routes that will get people riding!

Our proposed minimum grid: