Community Rides

Our Thursday evening Community Rides run until mid September. Rides will be offered in a variety of locations across Greater Sudbury and are led by experienced cyclists. We’ll be travelling on roads and hard packed trails, so rides will be suitable for all styles of bicycles, and for most riders except for those who are just learning to ride. Children are welcome on our rides, but parents are responsible for supervising  and determining if their child can complete the ride. Children must ride with their parents.

Rides start at 6:00 or 6:30 pm, depending on the dusk time, and we ask that you arrive 15 minutes early in order to have time to register. Pre-registration is not required. We may be taking photos, so by registering, you authorize us to take photos of you during the ride. Photos will be used for social media and other promotions of Bike Sudbury events.

Details, including the route for the ride, will go up on our website and on our social media a few days before the scheduled ride. We will not be sending out emails about the weekly rides - please check our website and social media for the most current ride details.  Any cancellations due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances will also be announced the day of the ride on our website, Facebook and Instagram by 5 pm. We typically only cancel if there is the risk of thunder, extreme heat, or poor conditions on the roads or trails.

We will always ensure that the group stays together – no rider will be left behind! Every ride will include a pre-ride safety talk and some tips on how to navigate the route. Riders will need to sign an attendance/waiver form, and all riders under 18 must wear a helmet. We encourage all riders to wear helmets.

Before each ride, please ensure that your bike is road-worthy. Make sure your tires are properly inflated, and that your brakes and gears are working properly - it's Sudbury, so there will be hills! We’ll have a bicycle pump available prior to each ride, but we won’t be doing bike repairs or adjustments. We encourage you to bring a cell phone in case of a breakdown so you can call for a ride. And don’t forget to bring some water and snacks!

All of our rides are also on our Ride with GPS club page, so you can do them on your own if you can't join us on ride night:

Ride with GPS is an app similar to Strava that allows you to download a map for navigating the route.

Free community rides maps!

Most of our past Thursday community rides are now available on Ride with GPS, so if you miss a ride, you can do them on your own, or with family/friends. We are still finalizing some of the longer rides listed below in the Day Rides section. If you decide to try them out, let us know if you have any issues.

Our number one goal is to get more people on bikes, so it's free to use these maps. But please consider supporting Bike Sudbury by purchasing a membership to help our volunteer group pay for insurance, website and Ride with GPS fees, and event expenses. Memberships are $10/year for an individual, $15/year for a family, or a flexible membership if you want to support us with less or more dollars. Sponsorships are available too for supporting businesses and groups - contact us at to talk to us about a sponsorship.

To use all of the features of these maps, you need a Ride with GPS account. You can join for free. With a free account, you can create your own rides that you can post on the Ride with GPS website, and also record your own rides by downloading the app onto your mobile. There are advanced paid features that you can purchase for your own use. If you join our Ride with GPS club, you get access to the paid features for our rides, including:

  • Download the rides to your device like Garmin or Wahoo so they can be used offline - you can download them without joining our club, but you won't get the turn-by-turn voice navigation, which is a paid feature. You can also download rides to your mobile so you can turn off data or go into airplane mode to save battery life.
  • Get turn-by-turn voice navigation for all club rides when using them on your mobile app.
  • Print our rides, complete with cue sheets, to PDF.
  • Synch our club events to your mobile app.

More information on all of the paid features that you can access while doing our routes are here:

How do I use the maps below?

Click on any of the routes on the map to see the route distance, change in elevation, and short description. Then click the View Route link to view them in full on the Ride with GPS website. You download the maps from the Ride with GPS website. You can also click on Our Rides to see all of our rides on the Ride with GPS website, or Our Ride with GSP club page to see events and other info.

Our Rides

Shorter/Family Rides

Under 15 km

Community Rides

Up to 25 km

Longer/Day Rides

Up to 100+ km

Trans Canada Trail Rides

Includes bikeable parts of the TCT

Funded by City of Greater Sudbury 2020 and 2021 Transportation Demand Management Grants