The following is information for administrators only.


HostPapa and WordPress:

  • Billing and support username 182618, password ilcycling2012
  • WordPress general administrator username admin, password ilcycling2012
  • Cpanel administrator username sudbu904, password ilcycling2012
  • cpanel access:
    ftp access:
  • Email administrator username, password cycling2011
  • Webdisk administrator username admin, password cycling2011
Other Accounts:
  • Hotmail account username, password bikelanes
  • Gmail and Feedburner login:, password ilcycling2012
  • Flick: username, password bikelanes
  • Flickr API Key e97ee05fb12393b2826658eede05a349; Flickr user ID 54452360@N04
  • Mailchimp: registered under email, username sudburycyclistsunion, password ilcycling2012. Security question what is your maternal grandmother’s maiden name: lauzon.
  • account:, username sudburycyclistsunion2013, password Ilvcycling2012. (Note: required for Askimet plugin).
  • Facebook API: Facebook ID 111007132266027, App ID 214046502010117 and App Secret 1f1405c60b36bd9ef722de20685a957e (note: uses Facebook account
SCU Documents:

Full Minutes of Meetings